Friday, April 3, 2015

5 Career Outfits in 5 Days

Hello and welcome to my recap of this week's fashion choices! :)  My 5 Outfits in 5 Days challenge to myself went well, I think.  I forced myself to pull some things out of my closet that I hadn't worn for quite some time, but I also stuck with a lot of weekly staples in my work wardrobe as well.  Below is the rundown on each outfit; some items I've had so long I don't remember the brand or price.  Next time, I hope to have more clear photos; we used my phone for the pictures, so they turned out a little fuzzy.

Monday ~ The Power Suit

Let's face it, Monday is always the hardest day to get out of bed when you have to start your work week.  This week was no different, so I went with an outfit that was quick and didn't take too much thought.  I picked out one of my black suits, paired it with a new polyester blouse and black heel booties.  I accessorized with a purple and green cameo necklace.

Lane Bryant black slacks, size 18 (Salvation Army)
Lane Bryant black suit jacket, size 18 (Salvation Army)
Lane Bryant black & gold studded booties (Lane Bryant clearance $19.95)
Worthington striped blouse, size 2X (bought off friend $2.00)
Cameo necklace (custom-made for me by a friend at no cost)


Tuesday ~ Retro-Esque

 The second day, I sank deep into the back of my closet and stumbled across this lovely polka dot jacket.  I had a moment of "oh, I hope this still fits me!" apprehension, so I held my breath as I put it on...Voila!  It fit like a dream!  This belted scoopneck and cape style is so awesome on.  It's comfortable, stylish and honestly, I felt most like a put-together woman on this day of the challenge.  I paired the jacket with a purple polyester blouse and bright green scarf.

Just My Size purple blouse, size 2X (Goodwill)
Venezia polka dot jacket, size 18/20 (Goodwill)
Green Scarf (Flea Market)
Worthington dark blue trousers, size 18 (Goodwill)
Silver Bow Flats (gifted to me from mother)


Wednesday ~ A Pop of Color

The middle of the week found me searching for a different silhouette, so I went for a dress I had yet to go out of the house in.  This is the wrap dress I featured in my Dresses on a Dime post.  I chose a black knit cardigan and leopard print belt to go with it.  I usually have a strong stance against mixing prints and mixing black and brown, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it.  I thought it turned out well.  I topped the look off with footless tights, silver heart pendant necklace and beautiful teal pumps.

Merona black knit cardigan, size XL (Goodwill)
Print wrap dress, brand & size unknown (Salvation Army, no tag)
Lane Bryant leopard belt, size 14/16 (Lane Bryant clearance $4.95)
Hanes Just My Size footless tights, size 4 (Wal-Mart)
Spicy Brand teal pumps, size 10 (local thrift shop, $10)
Lia Sophia rhinestone heart necklace (hostess party gift)


Thursday ~ Greywash

 After Wednesday's color clash, I decided to stick neutral for Thursday.  However, in order to make the neutral ensemble pop, I accessorized with a silver charm necklace and waist belt for a little shine.  This was the most comfortable outfit of the week.  The jersey knit tee and sheer print jacket were light and breezy, perfect for the sunny weather we had.  I paired with black slacks and the silver bow flats from Tuesday's look.

 Plush Brand grey knit tee, size 2X (Goodwill)
 Elementz Woman sheer jacket, size 2X (Salvation Army)
 Briggs black slacks (gifted by mother who found at Shopko closeout sale)
 Silver bow flats (gifted by mother)
 Lia Sophia silver charm necklace
 Black waist belt (thrift shop, can't remember which)


Friday ~ Jean Day

Fridays at work are casual jean days, so I always take advantage of that.  A favorite pair of jeans can make any woman feel like a rockstar.  I chose my favorite dark wash and paired them with a pinstripe suit jacket and skull scarf for a funky fresh feel.  Underneath is a polyester print blouse and hot pink tank for layering. The skull scarf is one of my favorite wardrobe items.  It's soft, fun and HUGE!

Lane Bryant dark wash jeans, size 18 (Goodwill)
Style & Co. Woman pinstriped jacket, size 18W (Salvation Army)
Hot Pink exercise tank (Wal-Mart, $1.00 January clearance rack)
Worthington print blouse, size 2X (Salvation Army)
Skull Scarf (Ross Dress for Less $8.99)
Black bow flats (Wal-Mart)

I hope you enjoyed this little personal challenge!  I had fun, and I hope you did, too.  If you have a favorite look or piece, let me know.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Much love,