Saturday, January 10, 2015

Outfit of the Day - 1/10/15

Happy Saturday!  Today, we had the privilege of witnessing a friend's wedding ceremony.  It revolved around a beautiful couple in a just as lovely setting.  It was a classy casual type of day, so I went with a dressed up jeans look.  

This outfit was super easy to put together and fun to wear.  I started with a pair of dark wash, Lane Bryant trouser jeans (featured in my first OOTD post).  Then I chose my new black and white halter top that I found on a Deb Stores summer clothing clearance rack this winter.  To add some color, I paired the top with a red blazer I found at Goodwill.  And of course, I went with my trusty high-waisted belt for added definition.

Lane Bryant Trouser Jeans - FREE (gifted from my mom, who found them at Goodwill)
Grey Peeptoe Pumps Brand Unknown - $0.69 (Salvation Army 69 cent color day)
Deb Stores Halter Top - $7.49 (50% off already marked down clearance price)
Dress Barn 3/4 Sleeve Red Blazer - $3.99 (Goodwill)

I chose simple accessories since the print on the top is quite loud and already had gold sequins on the neckline.  I wore my wedding ring set and a Lia Sophia rhinestone heart pendant necklace.

I haven't worn much makeup over the last couple of months, so I wanted to do a dramatic, full-coverage look today.  I started with a clean, smooth base by applying Hardy Candy's Sheer Envy Perfecting Primer.  I used Maybelline's FitMe! liquid foundation in 110; this stuff is amazing.  Hands down my all-time favorite foundation.  It's silky texture and dewy finish is wonderful for my dry skin.  I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin, but it's great for dry to combination skin types.  

I followed that up with Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Eraser concealer for my dark circles underneath the eyes.  I also used this concealer in my T-zone (forehead, down the nose, cupid's bow and chin).  I applied CoverGirl's Professional Loose Mineral Powder in 105 and did some soft bronzing to sculpt out and add warmth to my pale skin with NYC's Color Wheel Mosaic Powder. 

For the eyes, I had this idea for a sunset color palette after all of the beautiful sunsets we've been having here during the cold weather temps.  I used NYX Walnut eyeshadow for the crease and two shades of purple from the Hardy Candy 2014 holiday gift sets I purchased after Christmas.  I used a shimmery, bright purple for the lid and then followed with a matte, pale purple to blend the browns and purples together.  I thought it made for a nice effect.

I lined my lid using NYX Black Bean jumbo pencil and went over the cream liner with a black eyeshadow from NYX's Sex Bomb Femme Fatale palette using a fine point pencil brush to set the liner.  My mascara is the CoverGirl Lash Knockout Volumizing Mascara from Drew Barrymore's FLOWER product line.  This is the first time I've used the mascara, and I have to say I'm not impressed.  It came in a FLOWER holiday gift set that I bought this Christmas, so I thought I should give it a try.  It gets the job done, but it doesn't have near the volumizing effect as my Colossal mascara that I am absolutely addicted to.  Maybe if I built it up with more coats of mascara I would like it better.  I'll keep trying it out.

The lipstick I wore faded off after a few hours of wear, but I chose Maybelline's Red Revival lipstick for the base red color and added a glossy finish with NYX Black Label lipstick in Rose.

~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~

I hope you enjoyed my second OOTD post!  See you soon!

Much love,

Monday, January 5, 2015

Dresses on a Dime

Hello and Happy New Year, Readers!  I hope you accomplish all that you desire to this new year. 

 I have battled and battled with new year's resolutions, and each year it is always the same "resolution to lose weight and look better."  And each year, my resolution is squandered by self-doubt and low self-esteem.

I can't do the exercises.
I can't learn to eat healthier.
I love oreos too much.
I hate running.
So on and so forth.

So this year, I decided on a new resolution that has absolutely nothing to do with shaming myself and everything to do with loving myself for exactly the way I am at this point in time.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to lose weight and look great in a smaller size.  But right now, this is me - a size 18 beautiful woman with goals and dreams. My resolution this year is to acknowledge that truth and learn to accept and love my body for just the way it is.  Once I accept and love?  Then I can truly begin my transformation both emotionally and physically. (I am also writing my first full-length novel this year!)
~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~

So today, I bring you a topic and a fashion trend that has PLAGUED me for years and years.  I have been afraid of this style all of my life because I always felt like I was too big of a frame to wear it and flaunt it.  Well, newsflash!  Turns out I love them.


I want to share with you some of the thrifted dresses I've found over the last year, and show you that you can look great for that special occasion without spending a fortune.  You can find great quality items for a fraction of department store prices, and no one will ever know the difference.  Check it out!

1. Chico's Size 3 Zebra Print Tank Dress - Goodwill ($4.99)

This dress is super comfortable and wearable for both special and casual occasions.  It's lightweight and flirty fun with the flouncy skirt.  I wear this to work with a black or solid colored cardigan and with the cropped, dark jean jacket below for weekend wear.  Add a high-waisted belt and some jewelry and you're ready to go.

2. Striped Print Wrap Dress, Brand & Size Unknown (no tag) - Goodwill ($2.50 1/2 off colored tag)

I would normally pass up a wrap dress because they usually just feel awkward on my body.  I feel like they sit uncomfortably on my figure, but I saw this color pattern and really liked it so I tried it on.  I'm still getting used to the feel of the way it wraps, but I do think it looks nice and is suitable for drinks after work or a nice dinner with my husband on the weekend.  And for two dollars, you just can't beat the price!

3. Igigi Size 18 Black & Gold Lace Sheath Dress - Goodwill ($4.99)

Can I just say - LOVE this dress!  It was originally priced for the Goodwill Boutique at $12.99, but was moved to the regular Goodwill store after it didn't sell, and I scored it for five bucks.  I think this dress has a simple, sexy vibe to it, and I feel confident just putting it on.  It is a back lace sheath over gold metallic material, and I just love how it glimmers when you move.  The classic draped neckline and over-sized sleeves make fore an elegant,  yet modern look.  Add a belt to cinch the waist, bangles on the wrists and a colorful pair of heels for a fun night on the town.  I think this is also a classy enough look to work great for weddings and other similar special occasions as well.  

4. Chico's Size 3 Flower Print Sheath Dress - Goodwill Boutique ($12.99)

I was really on the fence about this dress for two reasons: 1) it's shorter than I'm used to, coming up above the knee, and 2) it's a clingy dress with no give.  I don't usually wear dresses much shorter than knee length because I am not a fan of my chubby knees.  I also don't normally choose any type of clothing that is not a stretchy material.  Even my structured blazers are some blend of polyester with some give.  But I made an exception in the case because I personally think it looks amazing on.  I feel like a woman wearing this.  I know that probably sounds funny, seeing as the size of my chest clearly states I'm a woman, but I just feel like it shows off curves in the right places.  The diagonal print of the front is placed perfectly and the length really makes me look a few inches taller.  It's not as comfortable as my stretchy dresses, but it is definitely wearable.  I wear this with a suit jacket for work and a colorful scarf for a night out to dinner.  High-waisted belts are a must for me in a sheath style dress; it helps add a little definition for some shape.

(Say 'hello' to my three ferrets! Angus's white head in the first photo and Cooper & Malcolm in the second LOL.)

5. R&K Size 1X Reptilian Print Sheath Dress - JC Penney Liquidation Sale 
($6.90: 90% Off Original Price)

This dress wasn't a thrift store find, but it was a dirt cheap bargain that I had to include.  This is by far, my favorite dress to wear.  It's funky, fun and full of bright color.  I wore this to work with a cardigan or blazer, and then turned around and wore it on its own with accessories and a belt for my bachelorette party.  This dress is my kind of funky with an edgy print and my two favorite colors, green and purple.  I like to pair this number with my faux snakeskin platform booties and a couple of flashy wrist cuffs and bam!  Instant vixen!  ;)

So that's my secret for dresses on a dime.  If you like this post, please like and share my Facebook page!

Much love,