Sunday, August 31, 2014

Glam It Up for the Weekend!

With Monday being the Labor Day holiday tomorrow, today is my "second Saturday."  In order to celebrate, I thought I would glam it up a little bit and share my Outfit of the Day (OOTD) and Makeup of the Day (MOTD) with you!  Hope you like it!

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My outfit today was 90% thrift store & clearance items, and the rest was gifted:

Purple Striped T-Shirt/Size & Brand Unknown-No Tag (Goodwill $3.49)
Uproar Cropped Denim Jacket/Size XXL (Goodwill $3.99)
Lane Bryant Lightly Flared Jeans/Size 18 (Goodwill/Mother bought for me-FREE)
Lane Bryant Black Booties w/Gold Studded Heels/Size 10 ($19.99 clearance last winter)

Chunky Black/Silver Chain Necklace (Goodwill $3.99)
Silver Knotted Ring (Gift from Fiance/Price & Brand Unknown-FREE)
Lia Sophia Chain Bracelet Cuff (FREE Gift for hosting a Lia Sophia party)

TOTAL PRICE OF OUTFIT OF THE DAY: $31.46 (before tax)
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This cropped denim jacket is one of my favorite pieces currently in my closet.  It's fun and a little edgy with the zippers and black stitching details.  I wear this jacket all the time for casual Fridays at the office.  The jeans are to die for!  I love super long jeans for my short stature.  If I wear heels with them and let the hem brush the ground, it helps me feel taller!  I will need to wear a little higher heel next time to get these off the ground more, though.  I also like pairing chunky jewelry with edgy pieces.  I think they mesh well and show off a little of my personality at the same time.  A pop of bright color, like purple, is a fun way to jazz up a mostly denim outfit.  I also like to make sure I never pair two denim pieces that are the same wash color.  It ends up looking to matchy-matchy, so I try to mix it up whenever possible.

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I had to have a little fun with the hubby's guitar since he had it out for his own photo shoot today.  I can't play it, but it sure is fun to accessorize with!

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My makeup of the day consisted of a full face of products by Maybelline, Hard Candy, CoverGirl, NYX, E.L.F. and Wet 'N Wild.  I chose to go with browns and a little glitter shadow, black eyeshadow for eyeliner and two lipstick shades with a gloss over top.  NYX eyeshadows blend super easy for me, so I usually only stick with them for my eyes.  They are a brand you can get at your local drugstore or Target (and budget friendly, too!).  I used E.L.F.'s brow duo to fill in and shape my brows.  I don't like super strong, defined arch brows for me, so I keep it soft and with my natural brow shape.  I also chose to define my nose and cheekbones with an NYC bronzer compact to give my pale complexion color and a more sculpted face.  The hardest part for me is always the lips.  I can never get a shape I like without looking too caked on.  I still need more practice and better products in order to get the right shape and fullness without the products bleeding into my liplines.  I'll keep you posted as I find new products I like.  I used a Fergie Wet 'N Wild lipstick, NYX Black Rose lipstick and NYX pink gloss to get the color. 

I hope you enjoyed my first OOTD/MOTD post!  I enjoyed doing it, so I will most likely be posting many more that will include more thrift store finds.

Much Love,

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