Sunday, August 17, 2014

Twist & Shout: Scarves with Attitude

Scarves are a fun way to add a little spunk to your daily wardrobe.  They can be dressed up or down, going from special occasion to casual summer concert in seconds.  I like wearing scarves in simple knots for daily professional ensembles and in funky wraps and drapes for casual nights out.  My favorite scarves are probably the long, wide ones with fun patterns.  A larger scarf allows for more complex knots and looks instead of just your run-of-the-mill little patterned square.

My favorite scarf right now is the Alexander McQueen Chiffon Skull Scarf.  McQueen has a variety of designs, colors and sizes in this line.  Sadly, they retail at $200+, which means unless I win the lottery, I won't be buying one.  So I settled for a similar skull scarf from Ross Dress for Less that I bought for $8.99 that I love as well.  I buy the majority of my scarves from thrift stores.  You can often find vintage, interesting patterns and all different sizes for a great price.  

Scarves are easy to please in my opinion, because there's a style or design for everyone.  Loud patterns, soft patterns, fringed edges, quilting, long, wide, short, square - they come in almost any style you can think of.  If you want something that's office appropriate, perhaps choose a soft pinstripe pattern in neutral colors.  If you're looking for an edgy, going out look, lean towards a large, colorful pattern instead.  Personally, my favorite is something with fringe like this one pictured below.  It's a large houndstooth pattern that gets larger the further out to the fringed edges.  You can tie it in a normal wrap, but I think this triangle shape looks great here styled with a basic top and edgy, black jacket.  Her makeup and hair are icing on the cake for the edgy feel.  

To master the different options when styling your outfit with a scarf, I recommend scouring YouTube and Pinterest for ideas.  I found the tutorial below on Pinterest for the Allure knot.  This is probably my favorite knot because it adds volume and texture to an otherwise basic look.  I use this knot a lot for the office.

Here are a few more tutorials and photo inspiration I found on Pinterest for helping you choose the styles you like best.  With Fall on our doorstep, I will be pulling my scarves out much more often!

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