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Vintage Elegance: Accessories with Interest

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One of the most prevalent aspects of fashion is the statement accessory.  Like I mentioned in my Professional Ensembles article, accessories can turn a neutral outfit into something fun and eye catching.  But what makes for an "interesting" accessory?  And how do you pair it with anything?  I feel that interesting can mean basically anything to anyone; we all have different tastes and attractions when it comes to style.  That's the beauty of having your own style!

For me, an interesting adornment is something that's bold and full of detail.  I look for color, sparkle and a metallic feel.  I like pieces that feel strong and standalone that I can wear by itself if I want to, and I won't look completely bare.  Wrist cuffs, large rings and necklaces with multiple strands are the pieces that I am attracted to most of the time when I'm out shopping.  I also like the idea of a brooch in certain cases; believe it or not, I have seen several brooches in recent outings, and I think they look fabulous.  A decent sized brooch with gemstones and vine detail (like the one pictured to the right) can offer a classy feel to an everyday professional look.  I actually was just gifted this piece by my grandmother yesterday.  She found a bag FULL of old jewelry that was simply beautiful.  This brooch actually has matching earrings, bracelet and necklace, but I'm not sure I'd wear them all at the same time.  It might be a little to matchy-matchy for me.  This gold gem-filled brooch is an accessory I would like to use to bind a solid, colored scarf together after draping it around my neck to glam it up a bit.

Interesting can also be something that shows off your personality.  For example, let's say you have a soft spot for the 80's; we all have that, right?  ...Maybe it's just me then.  Anyway, as most of us know, 80's fashion was popular for bright colors.  Put on some hot pink, chunky beads that double over around the neck.  Let's say you lean more towards the bohemian look.  Find one of those cute, leather-thronged headbands and wrap it into your hair for a casual weekend accessory.  There are so many ways to showcase your personality and likes.  My all-time favorite story is the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I've read all the books and watched all of the movies countless times.  What catches my eye while watching the movies is the silver, elegant jewelry of the elves.  The headdresses that the women wear take my breath away.  The leafy details in the circlet combined with the delicate silver chains that waterfall down their long locks of hair is just beautiful to me.  The detail in some of these pieces is astounding.  One thing I knew I had to have was the Evenstar Pendant (pictured left).  I bought it last year when I saw it displayed in a tent at an Irish Fest my fiance and I go to every year.  Wearing it is a way for me to display my love for the elegance of Elvish craftsmanship. [ - Nerd Alert! - ]

Like I mentioned earlier, a statement piece to me is something bold and full of detail.  And when I say bold, I mean BOLD!  I have two wrist cuffs that I love to wear because of their bold color and shine.  One is a silver metallic cuff with a large turquoise center and one flower on either side.  Just those three pieces alone made for a bold piece, however, the band itself has major detail as well.  It is a strong enough piece that I feel like I can wear just the cuff and my engagement ring, nothing else, and still have some bling.

The other bracelet/cuff I have is a gemstone lizard.  I found him at an antique store in Corbin, Kentucky.  I don't know who made it or how old it is, but I honestly did not care when I laid eyes on him.  I just knew I had to have him!  This is by far, the most amazing piece I have ever owned.  It is simply gorgeous in my opinion.  It's colorful, gold and metallic...and did I mention...a REPTILE.  The cuff seam is in the back and it splits open at the toes and tail to wrap around your wrist.  I cannot go anywhere without somebody noticing this one.  Several of the women who have commented on it to me have had mixed feelings about it; it's interesting, but it's a lizard.  I personally think the fact that it's a lizard is what makes it so cool.  But like I said, everybody has their own taste when it comes to style.  Reptiles just happen to be awesome in my book.

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I hope you've enjoyed reading this article about statement accessories.  I think having pieces like these that you truly love and wear with pride is a way to tap into your inner fashionista.  When you gravitate towards a bold necklace, don't question whether it's too gaudy or too "weird."  If you love it, I say GO FOR IT! 

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